⚡Bitsler Forum Update v1.3

  • Vhanni Sayo


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Bitsler Forum Update v1.3

Details below are only the summary of the recent update. Some sensitive information/updates are not included.

Front Page

  • 3 Panel View. The front page now utilises 3-panel-view for more community information.
  • Weekly Top 10. Top 10 posters are now shown in the front page. This may/will be used for future promotions.
  • Advance Search. A title search is now available, with an option to search Any words you input separated by space/comma or match All words exactly.
  • Some minor adjustments on the UI.


  • Simplified Moderator buttons and User Action buttons
  • Users are now able to Edit their own posts within 1 hour of posting.
  • Deprecated the Like/Dislike system and now replaced with Prestige system. Now, not only the topic can be liked, also your replies. Clicking on the 'heart' button will also show you who gave you prestige points for that specific topic/reply. More updates will come for this feature.
  • Added more information on the Users Avatars.

Note: Prestige points will be updated once you get a prestige for the first time.

User Profile

  • Some UI changes to make the profile more informative.
  • Deprecated old messaging system, and replaced it with modern ones.

Moderator Action

  • Mute function. There is now a mute function available for moderators and admins. You can visit the user's profile and go to the Mods actions. You can then Mute or Unmute a user.
  • Muted users will not be able to perform most forum actions such as posting, editing etc.
  • Muted users will also show a Muted Banner


  • No more captcha for Mods and Admins.
  • Bitsler Badge/Level is now integrated to your user profile, and depending on the Admin's decision, a specific Bitsler level must be met before you are able to post on other sections other than the Ask our staff section.
  • Forum is now compatible to modern mobile browsers. And most desktop browsers are also supported, with the only exception of IE, and Edge which are partially/not supported.
  • Technical stuff. Forum uses latest ES6 coding with a fallback in case user's browser does not support it.
  • Techincal stuff. Forum uses WebP image technology for smaller and faster image rendering with a fallback to the most commonly supported Png images.

PS. I might have forgotten some of the technical updates i did lol, but the ones above should be enough for a summary hehehe.

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⚡Bitsler Forum Update v1.3