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To become unique, the challenge is to fight the hardest battle which anyone can imagine until you reach your destination. - A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

In this day of technology, internet and science, its now easy to create new things(websites,blogs etc..) by simply using technologies, software or applications that are already available, some even costs nothing. Gone are the days where we build our ideas from scratch and mold it to our own perspective.

The Dilemma

Most of the time, using the easy way out, tends to bind us from the standards and limitations set by these applications. We have very little control of what we can change, edit or update. Having said that, one of the advantage of using 3rd party application is that it saves us time and we leave all the development, updates and maintenance to their own respective developers. As the saying goes, Time is Gold, but for a company such as Bitsler who looks forward to be in its industry for a very long time, we have to ask our selves, is it worth it in the long run?

Our simple answer is No. Don't get me wrong, most of the applications, open-source and paid, have a good reputation, they work great and a lot of people use them. But for us here in Bitsler we want to have total control of our applications, we want to know and understand every bit of code of our sites, we want to build it from our ideas and not be bound by limitations, for in the end, if all else fails, it is only us to blame.

The Stand

When i was tapped in to create a blog for Bitsler, i said to my self, that should be easy, i can just use 3rd-party sites such as or even use an open-source software like Ghost. There are a lot of applications out there in the wild that are suitable for a blog.

But then, reviewing the said applications, we realized that we are being bounded by the said application's standard and limits. What if we want to add some new feature or update a certain part of the blog that is not available on those applications? So there is really no choice but to adhere to the application's standards and we are limited to what it can and cannot do. That is when we realized we have to stand and build our own application from scratch, and that is where BlogxD came into existence.

Using our ideas and inspired by popular blog applications like Ghost and Medium, I built BlogxD from scratch. The journey was not all smooth, we had some hurdles to overcome, bugs to squash and some endless nights of coding.

Without going into technical details and jargon, the stack I used to build BlogxD are NodeJs for our back-end, KoaJs for our api, PostgreSQL for our database, and Nuxt/Vue for our front-end.

Features and Performance

A basic summary of the features of BlogxD:

  • Built using the latest technology for development such as Nodejs, Koajs and VueJs
  • Uses latest standards such as proper Meta tags, HTML5, Cache, Service Workers, Open Graph and Webpack to name a few.
  • Project is divided in 3 parts. BlogxD-client, BlogxD-api and BlogxD-admin.
  • Uses an api-based headless approach.
  • Uses latest Nuxt-edge module which combines SPA(single-page application) and Server-side application. And a lot more...

BlogxD also tries its best to adhere to community standards for website's performance and best practices.

Google Chrome Audit Report

Google Chome Audit Report

Performance Report from GTmetrix


As the title says, this is just the 1.0 release, there maybe bugs along the way. But we will do our best to squash them all.

“If an IT project works the first time, it was in your nightly dreams. Time to wake up and get to work.” ~ Cornelius Fitchner

BlogxD 1.0 - The Stand