Dice most popular casino game outhere

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Are you looking for a hot new game to wager your hard-earned cash in and multiply your favorite cryptocurrency? Well, we have just the thing. Bitsler’s enormous game collection contains plenty of wildly popular games from the biggest developers in the industry, such as Spinomenal, Pragmatic Play, and Evolution Gaming; however, few come close to the level of adoration achieved by Dice, one of Bitsler’s own games, developed in-house. On the surface, this game may look simple, but with its variety of different features, there are a huge number of different strategies you can deploy to get yourself on a winning track.

How to play Dice

Part of what makes Dice such a beloved fan favorite is how simple it is to play, and the massive rewards it offers players. To play the game, you first need to set your stake by choosing how much you want to wager with each roll. You then need to set the payout multiplier. You can select any number between x1.01 (if you really want to play it safe) and x9,900 (for the true thrill seekers out there!), and your chances of winning will be adjusted accordingly.

For example, your chances of winning with a x5 payout are 19.8%, whereas if you crank it up to x550, your likelihood of winning falls to 0.18%. Once you’ve set the game up ready to deploy your strategy, press the “Roll dice” button and see what fate has in store for you! Sounds simple right? Well, at it’s core it is!

Action on win/loss

However, the game also includes several additional cool features, such as “Action on win/loss”. This allows the player to decide on how they will react to a particular outcome before it happens. For example, you might choose to reset your stake to the base amount if you lose or increase it by 5% if you win. This option lets you automate some of the decision-making process while maintaining complete control and is a great way to set yourself up for a winning streak!

Autobet & Profit limit

While using the “Autobet” feature, you can also set a profit limit. Once your profits reach this amount, the autobet feature will be disabled automatically and you will go back to manual rolls, which is great if you’re gunning for a particular amount and don’t want to risk getting too greedy! You can equally choose to stop after you’ve lost a certain amount, to make sure you’re not spending more than you can afford.

Speed feature

That’s not all, however! If you’re looking for an extra thrill, you can also crank the adrenalin up to 11 by increasing the speed at which your bets are placed. Watching the game send accept 20 bets every second is a great way to turn up the heat and is guaranteed to have you on the edge of your seat. There’s nothing like the feeling of wagering some of your crypto, setting the speed at maximum and letting go with both hands, so to speak. Give it a try for yourself!

Provably fair check

The best thing about this game is that it is provably fair, which means you can check for yourself that there’s no trickery or jiggery pokery involved. Every result is determined completely at random by a random number generator, so the best way to win is to keep playing!

All these features can be combined in various ways to make what seems at first glance to be a very simple dice game into a highly complex and cerebral experience, where setting the right stake and profit limit can make the difference between landing a whopping jackpot and a losing some of your precious crypto reserves. Play your cards right though, and you’ll be sure to come out on top.

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With such a tempting offer available, and everyone’s favorite Dice included, what are you waiting for? Now’s the perfect time to try out your new strategies in Dice and earn a sizeable chunk of your stake back from each bet, whether you win or lose! Bear in mind that you can claim your rakeback every 2 minutes, or whenever you like – it won’t expire! Try Dice out right now.

Dice most popular casino game outhere