Forum Launched!

  • IsildurX


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It's finally here! Our forum which was planned from late 2016 has finally been finished and set free into the wild. We custom build most parts of the forum, which is why it took longer than normal to implement. However, we chose not to take the easy approach as many other places do (if they even have a forum) because we pride ourselves on doing things differently and with a fresh approach as well. The options were pretty simple, make use of a pre-built forum and mechanics or not, and we didn't.

A few sections in place are Bitsler Discussion, Bitcoin Discussion, Announcements, Gaming, Trading and multiple promotional sections among others.

If the forum is a success as we think it will be, then we will continue expanding and focusing more on the most and least important parts thereof. We do plan on moving some sections, later on, to make things even easier for our users.

Our forum will host multiple giveaways and competitions

This is something we would really like to do asap. (stay tuned)

Free money

Unfortunately, not all users will be able to participate in the Forum. In an attempt to reduce spam there will be certain limits in place such as that you have to be level 5 or higher to post unless if you are posting in the Support and Questions section.

This is the first of many updates that we have planned for the future. A lot more updates and new ideas will be brought to life in the coming months and we hope that all of you will enjoy it. If you have any suggestions then feel free to talk to our mods/admins/support which will gladly listen and consider your ideas.

Forum Launched!