Forum Maintenance/Update

  • Vhanni Sayo


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šŸ’„Forum Maintenance/UpdatešŸ’„

  • What: Forum will be inaccessible during the maintenance. We will be performing regular checks and additonal updates for the forum.
  • Where: The maintenance and update will only affect
  • When: July 1, 7:00 AM GMT/UTC (server time).
  • How Long: Maintenance will occur for a minimum of 2 hours. If unforseen circumstances occur during the maintenance, maintenance time will be extended.
  • Security/Records: All database records will be intact during and after the maintenance.
    • In rare cases that the update corrupts the current records, the records will be restored using a back up created before the maintenance occured.
    • We strongly advice you to refrain from making a post, reply, profile edit etc.. 5 minutes before the said maintenance time, to avoid any data corruption.
  • Update: New forum updates and changes will be announced after the maintenance.


Forum Maintenance/Update