New XP contests

  • IsildurX



Wager contests are obsolete now and will be replaced by XP contests.

Why the change?

Different games provide different amounts of XP. This meant that your ranking on the leaderboard would be the same as another player even though there could possibly be huge XP differences. Seeing as though XP is directly related to wager, the difference for most players possibly won't even be noticed, however it could make space for some great strategies to win the contests!

In the near future, it will also allow us to promote newly launched games by increasing the XP multiplier for certain periods of time.


Coupon info:

  • Available from 03/11/2020 17:00 to 04/11/2020 17:00 (server time).
  • First 1100 players with at least 5$ wagered during past 7 days can claim.

New XP contests